Welcome to West Coast Pilates Centre

Located in beautiful La Mesa, California, WCPC is your Pilates and wellness headquarters! We pride ourselves on our ability to combine traditional Pilates with new industry trends to create an ideal workout flow. Balanced Body Reformers, Springboards, and other specialized equipment are here to help you improve your body’s functionality and appearance. Our private, semi-private, and small class sessions, are here to help you achieve your goals and help you look and feel your best!


Our studio contains everything you will need to embark on your journey to wellness. State-of-the-art equipment, certified instructors, and a beautiful environment are just a few things you will experience. Step into our studio, relieve your stress and tension, and focus on improving your body’s overall feel.

Reformer Classes

The Reformer is the main piece of equipment used in Pilates. Reformer exercises use spring resistance to elongate and strengthen the entire body, challenging your balance and strength.

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  • "Went to pilates and was a little nervous because I hate gyms, they are intimidating. these ladies, heather and then

    Donna, grandmother of 4
  • "I was looking for a workout that would make me feel better and Pilates is it . Amazing studio with private & group classes

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