Our Instructors

Heather Anton

Heather was born and raised in San Diego. She has a degree in Theater Arts with a focus in Physical Theater and Modern Dance and spent some time dancing in a professional jazz company in Northern California. Heather’s love and appreciation of the human body combined with her passion for helping other achieve their fitness goals is what brought about the studio. Her favorite thing about teaching Pilates is seeing the rapid changes in her students’ bodies. They are quickly able to move more comfortably and are happier than ever with their bodies overall appearance. She loves being a part of the transformation in both body and mind. In her free time, Heather can be found spending time with her two sons, doing yoga, spending time with friends, hiking or walking, and juicing.

Stephanie Boulette

Stephanie Boulette has been a student of the Pilates Technique since 2002. She received her instructor training through San Diego based Club Pilates and has being teaching since 2011. In addition, Stephanie has attended School of Healing Arts and is certified in Holistic Nutrition. She combines her love of Pilates with her nutritional background to help her clients achieve their fitness and heath goals.

On an ongoing basis, Stephanie attends seminars and continues her Pilates education. To her, making sure that her clients maintain the proper form and alignment is of top priority. The goal is to transmit her love of Pilates to create a warm and supportive environment. In her spare time, this San Diego native is an avid runner, enjoys different varieties of exercise and loves spending time outdoors.

Heidi Strudler

Heidi Strudler is passionate about Pilates and all types of exercise. She has a BSN in Nursing with years of experience helping clients with head , spinal cord , and traumatic injuries to recover. She also has expertise in Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates and has led parent education and transitioning Mother's support groups. She completed Club Pilates Teacher Training, and constantly takes classes and continuing education programs to keep her Pilates Practice fresh and exciting. Clients love that she is always changing up her classes !

Heidi knows first hand the transformative power of a strong Pilates practice , positive energy, and healthy lifestyle choices. She has maintained a one hundred pound weight loss , and is inspires clients to achieve their own health and fitness goals. In Heidi's classes she offers personalized instruction and cueing so group classes can be individualized for injuries, and also to include different challenge levels. You will leave her classes feeling energized and positive.

Along with her Pilates obsession Heidi loves the beach , reading, Dr. Who ,and cooking. She has a wonderful husband Steve , two daughters Ariella and Gabriella , and her Boston Terrier Mr. Mac. Heidi believes that with perseverance , a sense of humor, and gratitude you can accomplish anything!

Rebecca Wilson

Pilates Instructor

Rebecca has recently relocated from San Francisco. She is certified in STOTT PILATES® Matwork, Reformer, Stability Chair™, Barrels and Cadillac. She trained at Blue Sparrow Pilates, San Francisco’s STOTT PILATES® instructor training center.

Rebecca is a dancer, teacher and enthusiast of scuba diving, hiking and kayaking. Pilates has allowed her to become a stronger and more efficient mover in all of her favorite activities. This is something she is passionate about sharing with others. Rebecca has also found pilates to aid in the rehabilitation of a chronic lower back injury.

In 2007, Rebecca graduated from Mills College, Oakland with a Master’s of Fine Arts in Choreography and Performance. She also began teaching modern dance technique at Sonoma State University. While performing professionally in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York and continuing to teach dance, Rebecca has found pilates to be a perfect complement to her dance career. She is passionate about sharing her love of movement and fitness with others.

Brittany Taylor

Pilates Instructor

Brittany Taylor discovered her passion for Pilates while studying dance at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, WA. There she took mat classes daily and worked at the front desk at Pilates on 10th in Capitol Hill. She found that Pilates was the perfect supplement to her dance career, building strength while maintaining flexibility. After graduating from Cornish with Cum Laude honors, Brittany relocated to San Diego to become a company member with Joe Alter Dance Group. She completed a 500 hour comprehensive teacher training program and is a certified instructor through the Pilates Method Alliance. Brittany dances professionally for The Malashock Dance Company and Blythe Barton Dance. Her awareness of the body from both years of dance training and Anatomy and Physiology education will help guide your mind/body practice. You can expect a smooth, dancer-like flow to her classes and a good burn!

Tina McPherson


Tina is a San Diego native and has been practicing Pilates since 2009. "I always knew that one day I would want to be an instructor," says Tina of her love and passion towards the work. So in 2013, she became a certified Pilates instructor and continues to further her Pilates education. One of Tina's main goals is to develop a specialization in teaching Pilates to the mature client. To her, maintaining an active lifestyle no matter a person's age is crucial for overall physical health and mental well-being. In addition, Tina has built her own mini-studio in order to create and practice new routines/techniques.

In her spare time, Tina practices yoga and enjoys a wide range of outdoor activities.

Melissa Joy Minjarez


Melissa has a diverse background of skills and training to bring to West Coast Pilates Centre. She obtains a BA of Physical Education, and Pilates certifications through Pilates Coach and Balanced Body. Her experience includes post-rehabilitation conditioning, aquatic and physical therapy, personal training, senior and adult fitness workshops, sports coaching, Barre and PiYo.

Previous to her Pilates training, Melissa has been acknowledged as a gymnast, wrestler, and track and cross-country runner. She is recognized as a northern CA top finisher runner in 5k, 10k, and 1/2 marathon, and ran in the American River 50 Mile Endurance Run 2012. In 1997 she became the first female in California history to advance to the junior college state wrestling finals.

In 2004 she was convinced that Pilates balanced approach to be a magnificent cross-training tool for injury prevention, and to strengthen and lengthen tired overworked muscles. Moreover, giving you that extra strength to take the next step forward towards achieving your goals and in your daily life.

Melissa is very passionate about how Pilates workouts can transforms the way your body feels, looks, and performs. She looks forward to working with clients of all ages and physical conditions to help them see the long-term benefits. Come join her class to breath, be strong, and be happy.

Ryo Chea

Guest Instructor

Passionate for a new way of life, Ryo turned to fitness. Now, living as a Stott Pilates instructor she has freed herself from the weekly grind.

Coming from a corporate background, Pilates has made an impact on her life! Foremost, the philosophy of Stott Pilates has changed her understanding of the core. Through her personal journey, she has freed herself from the daily aches and stiffness. Overall it has provided a balanced lifestyle, helping her better understand the mind & body awareness and how the two inter-connect. She hopes her experience will help others gain a similar "happiness".

Ryo Chea is a Stott Pilates Instructor from Seattle, WA. She is fully trained in Mat and Reformer from Bodycenter Studios in Seattle WA. She currently teaches at Intimate Pilates, Tukwila Community Center, and will be joining 5 Elements Fitness starting February 2014.

We are thrilled to have Ryo as a Guest Instructor at West Coast Pilates Centre. She will be offering classes for us in January 2014.

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